#1. Rubangakene Daniel

My name is Rubangakene Daniel and i am seven years old (shyly putting down his head with a slight smile on his cheeks). I feel better, compared to last year and i think my friends find it easy to accept me now. I still don’t know why though. My life is much easier now than back then, i don’t have to worry about being hospitalised as before anymore. I can actually now play with children at my age bracket‘’almost getting to normal’’, (with a smile fading away almost to a sad face, and a much lower tone at his voice as though a memory had held a grip on his voice). Then blushly shyed off with yet another broad smile. (Sometimes i wonder where he gets that kind of strength from.)

I am Adong Immaculate, and Daniel here is my son (turning with a pityful look towards the son, and gives just a little smile that can hardly be noticed to him), we stay in Kanyagoga, one of the suburbs in Gulu town, Uganda. He was diagonised with this disease (sickle cells) at a very tender age. It hasn’t been easier on me any lesser than it has been on him (almost tearing but with strong emotions holding them back). We were frequently hospitalised, and it was even harder to tell what really caused these crisis. I mean i really just knew he was sick but i didnt know alot about this illness of his.But ever since the 25th feb 2020 we haven’t been admitted, i started taking heed to the lessons you people have been giving us here at the hospital. It changed my mindset about how to cater for his diet (with a tone of relief and accompishment in her voice). And now i feel like my son is even growing, i dont know if its just an idea in my head (feeling silly at the sound of the statement) and his weight is really good, for someone in his condition he really is doing great. I really appreciate the fact that your lessons have been helping me and my son Daniel a great deal. I have gotten to know that my son can live a normal life just like any other child. I just have to make sure i take care of him the right way.

#2. Acan Brenda

My name is Acan Brenda, iam 13 years old and i live in Koro Abili, on the outskirts of Gulu town, uganda. (being very culculative and reserved at her words, i could tell she is not the kind that loves to talk alot). I think am doing much better this year, my strength has improved and i feel normal like any other kids my age, or atleast i think i can measure up to be like them. Am glad i feel that way. The rate at which i get the crisis has gone down. It really feels very good not to have to feel sick all the time.

My name is Aciro Alice and I am Brenda’s mother. My daughter here is not just a sickler; she has a cardiac vascular disease. But she is not limited to her illnesses, she can do almost everything (turning at her I could see the feeling of ‘’I am glad she is my daughter’’ both in the tone of her voice and the expression on her face). But sometimes her heart problem really gets the best of her, or at least back then before we started having these sessions with you. Now she is much stronger and I don’t have to worry about the frequency of hospitalization. The idea of the porridge you gave us, has worked wonders in building her strength. She really has a very big change, (focusing alittle harder on me with a look of both worry and relief). I have majorly focused on the greens and the porridge because I feel like it works for her, and the guava leaves with tamarind have helped us a great deal. I don’t know how else to be grateful to this, your cause.

#3. Innocent Aloyo

I am innocent aloyo and am 11 years old. We stay in Iya Yac, Bungatira subcounty in Gulu district, (with so much confidence for a moment i could see the strength that originated from deep within her). I had really improved during these times that you started talking to us and helpig us here and there. But when the lockdown was announced due to this pandemic, i had to go back to the village to my grand mother, now there , we really dont have sufficient food like we have here, thats why today am in pain. But i really was doing very great. (as though to prove a poin, i was listening and practicing your lessons).

My name is Magdalena Akwongo; I am the mother to Aloyo. This year has really been an impressive one on our side (implying to her and Aloyo). We had almost gotten there, she had no more frequent pains compared to last year, I believe the hibiscus we have been buying has also played a role in that relief including the lots of fluids you people never miss a chance to remind us about( chuckles real hard, as though saying ‘’I hated it at first’’). But when we started noticing the changes I took the diet lessons pretty seriously. Not until she insisted to go visit her grandmother during this lockdown (looking at her by the corner of her eyes, directing a silent communication of if only you had listened to me), now she is back with pain. But am glad we have these lessons