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About Us

African Nutrition Agency (AFNA) is a non-government and nonprofit national organization head quartered in Kampala Uganda. It is a humanitarian organization that operates in a systematic and highly dignified manner to identify world problems, analyze and provide long lasting sustainable solutions for best quality of life.

With our vision “Losing no sight of a healthy and resourceful livelihood” and mission “Promoting food security, nutrition and health by connecting people, ideas, research and resources through equality”, We identify, engage, empower, equip and support to rebuild and establish the vulnerable communities, renew hope, restore confidence for best livelihood.

Core principles

AFNA operates with 7-point guiding principle statements to positive change

1. We are responsible, called to serve with public mindedness
AFNA integrates self-development and service to others, balancing individual and public concerns, focusing on higher, broader, and more public levels of service. By exhibiting a responsible and caring attitude toward the environment in all of its activities, we contribute to sustainable progress, peace and justice in our society.

2. We believe in cooperation beyond boundaries
AFNA works beyond borders of politics, religion, culture, race and ethnicity, within the limits of the organizing documents and with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives while maintaining ethical, cooperative relationships with others to achieve significant progress towards world peace and global well-being.

3. We respect human rights and uphold people’s dignity
As the universal declaration of human rights states, “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights, are endowed with reason and conscience, and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 1) The family is the fundamental natural group unit of society promoting human rights and human dignity. (Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 16). As we recognize that all people are born free and equal in dignity, we are sensitive to the moral values, sex, religion, customs, traditions, and culture of the communities we serve while respecting the integrity of families and supporting family-based life.

4. We exercise high level of transparency and accountability
We are transparent in all of our dealings with the government, the public, donors, partners, beneficiaries, and other interested parties, except for personnel matters and proprietary information. Our basic financial information, governance structure, activities, and listing of officers and partnerships are open and accessible to public scrutiny and we make effort to inform the public about our work, origin and use of resources.

5. We are truthful and our operations are legal
We always give out accurate information, whether regarding the organization and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization, project, or legislation it opposes or is discussing. By this, we fulfill our obligations under the laws of the republic of Uganda and we STRONGLY oppose corruption, bribery, and other financial improprieties or illegalities. Any staff, governing body, volunteers, contractors, and partners discovered in wrongdoing MUST be subjected to prompt correct actions.

6. We believe in voluntary service beyond self
We strive to maintain our voluntary values and principles while pursuing our shared concern. We serve others by integrating self-development and individual concerns with public concerns, focusing on higher, broader, and more public levels of service while showing ourselves as examples of genuine giving out of concern for the welfare of others.

7. We maintain our vision and mission with comprehensive view point
With a vision “Losing no sight of a healthy and resourceful livelihood” and mission “Promoting food security, nutrition and health by connecting people, ideas, research and resources through equality”, we are practitioners not only seeing the reality of the world as it is, but also envisioning the world as it should be. We fight hard to maintain our founding spirit and passion, keeping our tangible dreams while learning from their victories and failures as we seek to understand, without prejudice, the needs and circumstances of all sides in any conflict situation.

AFNA Has Served Over 0 Children in Northen Uganda

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We are currently running programs that are aimed at improving lives of human kind with limited resources. These programs include WASH, HEALTH, NUTRITION, ENVIRONMENT, AND AGRICULTURE all these require support from well wishers

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AFNA Uganda is an Organization that is purely operated by volunteers who work tirelessly to support more than 10 activities in Northern Uganda. We therefore call upon volunteers all over the world to volunteer with AFNA Uganda.

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Latest Donations

AFNA Uganda has not got any legal donor for any ongoing projects. All the projects are being run with personal funds and community contribution as well as Gulu referral Hospital. With the little support we have got we have managed to implement our projects that has registered success among 1,350 benefitiaries yet our target is to reach over 50,000. Its therefore, upon this background that AFNA requests donations from Organizations, Indiviatuals and any other well wishers so that we can change the lives of over 50,000 people.


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Gulu Hospital


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