African Nutrition Agency (AFNA)

AFNA Has Served Over 0 Children in Northen Uganda


We are currently running programs that are aimed at improving lives of human kind with limited resources. These programs include WASH, HEALTH, NUTRITION, ENVIRONMENT, AND AGRICULTURE all these require support from well wishers

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AFNA Uganda is an Organization that is purely operated by volunteers who work tirelessly to support more than 10 activities in Northern Uganda. We therefore call upon volunteers all over the world to volunteer with AFNA Uganda.

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Our Causes

Our Causes include: Delivering food and essentials; promoting and strengthening agriculture, nutrition and health in an enabling and cozy environment.

Latest Donations

AFNA Uganda has not got any legal donor for any ongoing projects. All the projects are being run with personal funds and community contribution as well as Gulu referral Hospital. With the little support we have got we have managed to implement our projects that has registered success among 1,350 benefitiaries yet our target is to reach over 50,000. Its therefore, upon this background that AFNA requests donations from Organizations, Indiviatuals and any other well wishers so that we can change the lives of over 50,000 people.

Gulu Hospital


Shelter for the project, medical supplies, consumables,operation office and medical technical services

Ongoing Projects

These are our Ongoing Projects aimed at transforming the lives of the vulnerable communities and those living with sickel cell disease

Aquaponic System

AQUAPONICS is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system. We train our community to set an Aquaponic System with materials that are cost saving to grow fish for home home consumption and commercially. This is done to improve household income and nutrition suplement.

Maggot Farming

Maggot farming is becoming a lucrative business day by day. These margots are used as poultry feeds. Margots have high market demand country wide since poultry farmers are now resorting to margots instead of other types of poultry feeds. Margots are also rich in proteins.

Optimized Farming System

AFNA Uganda empowers the community through training and awareness programs on crops that act as nutrition suplement. We have trained over 1000 direct beneficiaries and over 5000 have indirectly benefited from these projects.

Soil Management(Anthill Technology, Soil Solarization, Soil Pasteurization and Soil Testing)

The increase in population has resulted to land fragmentation increasing the number of small household farmers in Uganda. These farmers consitently use the land leading to soil infertility yet they cannot farm inputs like manure. Adopting appropriate soil management technology will not only result to food security but will promote nutrition and better livelihood of these people.

Other projects

AFNA is implementing other projects like agri-ecology, appropriate postharvest handling of food and organic agriculture to promote nutrition, health and livelihood of people living with sickle cell disease.

System strengthening

Supporting the care takers of patients admitted in hospital wards is critical in a health system since it directly increases the survival rates of malnourished children. In this program, we provide food and other essentials to such vulnerable and psychologically tortured individuals, follow up discharged and defaulting cases while integrating CMAM because they are critical in successful rehabilitation of a sick child.

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